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Домашний Ребёнок
Для авторов журнала дом – это маленькая Вселенная, символ независимости, творческой свободы, самосовершенствования и простого человеческого счастья.
Again and again official media in Russia telling about home birth only in negative manner, no fair. 
Today in Channel One Russia in daily news was shown this story.

Translation (sorry iа we made any mistakes in translation, we'd be thankful for correction if it needs):

In Chelyabinsk, find out the circumstances of the death of the infant. The tragedy occurred during home births. Midwife (from private medical center) ran away when things went wrong for the worst case scenario. Now once again heating up debate on home births - such experiments in the past have led to tragedies. Who is responsible for the death of the child or the mother?

Woman had hard going, but her life is not in danger. Catherine left hospital in the morning. Together with her husband she walked past the happy mothers and fathers, refusing to talk to journalists. Catherine child died at birth. This story happened in the apartment where lives 28-year-old Catherine. Neighbors heard about it from a midwife who had run to them for help.

The midwife, according to the Investigative Committee, an obstetrician from private clinics. She helping in homebirth. "When labor begins with complications and require cesarean section, according to relatives, business clinic employee left the apartment," - said Senior Assistant from Investigative Committee of Chelyabinsk Region Vladimir Shishkov.

Midwife who took birth, questioned by police. While her name is not called. Maybe that a midwife, who working in the same commercial medical center, where Catherine had a medical care in her pregnancy. Clinic not giving any comment on the incident. The Health Ministry of the Chelyabinsk region said that doctors had no right to make home deliveries.
"Institutions can provide this kind of care only if they have a special license. Licenses never giving to individuals. It's illegal" - explained the Deputy Minister of Health of the Chelyabinsk region Elena Kabanova.

For the death of a child midwife can get three years in prison. Catherine's husband, Vladislav said that they planned to go to hospital, but labour started so fast. However, in the hospital Catherine explained everything differently. "She told me that she wanted to give birth at home," - said the deputy chief of the hospital in Chelyabinsk Olga Lipatkina. "The first child, first pregnancy - of course, these women have to give birth only to institutions of obstetrics," - she said. "Rather, this woman didn't have a cvalified health care," - says Lipatkina.

Discussion about home births in Russia are not new. No stress, the risk of infection and no surgery - the main arguments of those who argue for a baby born at home.
The singer Helen Selikhova had unassisted birth at home (2 tomes - 2 sons). "No one called, assistance is provided only by beloved husband - says Elena Selikhova. - We were ready for it, prepared during 4 months, went to the birth courses - we are not crazy parents who let things take their course."

Parents who wish to give birth at home often refer to American and European experience, where it is common practice. But in true, there are home births with care by several certified doctors and the ambulance always "ready" at the doors. This sphere is under strict government control, experts say. For example, in the Czech Republic on April 1, significantly tightened the requirements for obtaining a license for clinics who care in home births. For his work without them - million fine.

In Russia, we have no special law against home birth, but the medical center for this kind of care must have special permission from the Ministry of Health, which is practically impossible to obtain. Therefore, according to experts, most obstetricians and midwife, who haloing in homebirth, doing it illegally. Many of them, according to experts, had a great risk.

Complications occurring unexpectedly. "They are not always predictable and can occur suddenly. If people want to ignore it and rely on the off chance and give birth at home, then I think it is irresponsible in relation to the child, and to themselves," - emphasizes the medical director of the Department of Children and maternity Ministry of Health in Russia Elena Baybarina.

According to official data, 9 out of 10 births take place at home with complications. As a result, almost 7th baby dies. Moreover, to identify those responsible for the death of a child can be difficult. In October 2011, the one woman in Moscow also decided to give birth at home without a doctor. One of the twins died. After checking all the facts and the criminal case was instituted. As explained by the Investigation Committee, even if the baby died, the mother have no responsibility for it.

So, before this tv-story we have no information about official statistic of home birth in Russia. It is impossible, because independent midwifes can't work officialy and they didn't show their statistic. But we also have no official statistic of births in hospitals. We have only short statistic database for some cities publishing in book "How to safely give birth in Russia" by Alexander Saversky, Evgeny Nikonov, Svetlana Saversky (Eksmo, 2009 ISBN:978-5-699-34236-5) 

Authors of this book lead nongovernment organization The League after released a book "How to safely give birth in Russia" they planed to open a web service that will host the rating of maternity hospitals in Moscow. The rating will be based on statistical data on morbidity and mortality in hospitals. According to the leaders of the League, to receive any official statistics impossible. Website was to appear a year ago. But didn't appear. Due to problems with the Department of Health in Moscow.

Alexander Saversky said: "Information on deaths in obstetric hospitals is neither commercial nor state secret. However, at the request of the League to provide the data of the Department of Health said the following: "All the information that you want publicity, published on website of the Department of Health. Including work on obstetric hospitals and the provision of specialized medical care for pregnant women and new mothers." 
It means that department decide what information you want publicity, and what - do not require. We are outraged by this position. Naturally, at the site by a department, no record of death and complications in obstetric hospitals of Moscow".
Today we've check the official web of Department of Health in Moscow and didn't find any statislic of birth in hospitals in Moscow... 

Back to tv-story. We are very interesting in information "official data - 9 out of 10 births take place at home with complications. As a result, almost 7th baby dies. Moreover, to identify those responsible for the death of a child can be difficult." We will prepare request to Channel One and ask when hay get this official data?

Another interesting question: In USA and Europe "there are homebirths with care by several certified doctors dnd the ambulance always "ready" at the doors". 

If you are midwife with legal practice in USA or Europe, please send for us your comment, is it true or not? e-mail:

Also we are looking for help from Czech Republic for getting more details about this information: "significantly tightened the requirements for obtaining a license for clinics who care in home births from April ".

To be continued.

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