“Domashny Rebenok (Home child) – it’s Russian magazine created by parents for parents.

Authors of articles offer to their readers an alternative to mainstream point of view that concerning every questions about birth, upbringing, education of children, issues of family, health and lifestyle of modern human being.

There are comments, facts, researches that are never published in ordinary magazines for parents.

The creators of the magazine are parents of big family Phillip and Katherine Perkhovy. They like to travel around the world but always come back to their own country house.

Domashniy Rebenok is published every 2-3 months, 144 full color pages, circulation: 5000-10000 copies.

“It was very delightful to know that a new magazine appears in Russia – “Home Child”. Now when the human progress is studied wide and all-round, we need a new generation of editions that will be a mediator in between new knowledge contained in scientific publications and daily parent’s experience.”

Greeting from Michael Oden, the worldwide known obstetrician, Natural birth and primary health researcher. Published in the “Home Child” №1 in 2009

“A magazine describes natural birth? Really? It’s wonderful that there is one!”

Stanislav Grof in exlusive interview for “Home Child” in 2010

 “When the lovely young couple who publish Home Child magazine in Russia joined us last year at our Copenhagen conference, I had no idea that this meeting would birth such amazing ideas and start to shake up the birth movement on an international level. Since meeting Katerina Perkhova and her husband, Philip Perkhov, I have been so blessed, I am almost without words. Many of us who attended our June conference in Moscow, Russia (one of the many good things to come from that initial meeting in Copenhagen!), have felt the ground around us start to move in a way it never has before. We want you all to be part of this global midwifery movement.”

The leading article Jan Tritten, the editor-in-chief of international magazine “Midwifery today” (USA), published in “Midwifery today”, №95. Autumn 2010.

“This magazine doesn’t give concrete advices how to bring a child up, how to feed and what to wear. They write about more global, philosophical and ideology subjects. They write about everything, that excite people who are trying to conscious their own self and the world around them. It’s written not like in glossy magazines, but seriously, thoughtfully and it’s possible to say even scientifically. They write so openly and sincerely, that’s really touches you and their language is so well that is really pleasure to read. It seems, when you open the magazine, that good and warm light shines brightly from its pages.”

          Comment in LifeJournal matilda-de-la about “Domashniy Rebenok” 2011, December

When I met Katherine and Phillip in Copenhagen, I was amazed at how many they have done. I don’t read Russian, but I saw their magazine that looks like great. I said: “Wow! You do such things! And you have two babies!” When I’ve being here 22 years ago, it was impossible to imagine. There was chaos in Russia, people were afraid of future and I thought: “How depressive is here!”. I understood that Europe couldn’t have any influence on your country, but USA will be a model for you, so you will have same problems as we have. There will be very rich and the poor who left to the mercy of fate, it won’t any environment control, no tribute attention to art and creativity and humans won’t be kind to each other…”

Comment about a conference of “Home Child” By legendary midwife Ina May Gaskin, published in 2011 

Why home?

For us, the House - a small Universe, a symbol of Independence, Creative Freedom, Self-improvement and Simple Human Happiness.

No mass product can not be compared with what created by loving hands.

Home-made bread, home education, home tradition, the house on his own land or a house on wheels :) So now, a simple, quick, which is important for every person.

What is our Purpose

Happiness for all families in the World :)

Dispel stereotype views on natural birth care and parenting.

Fill present information gap and establish dialogue between grass-root, private and government organizations who stand for conscientious parenting and environmental safety.

Promote midwifery in Russia; facilitate independent research in obstetrics, pediatrics, immunology, pharmacology and genetic safety.

Who we are

Independent family professional group.

We are not affiliated with any government, religious, private or other organization.

We are determined to keep independent in order to freely express our point of view to the public and professional mother-and child-care community.

Philipp Perkhov – publisher and art-director, 15 years long experience in publishing.

Katerina Perkhova – editor in chief, journalist with over 8 years of experience, currently also employed as a journalist on Russia TV channel.


The idea of the magazine was born, together with Masha, our second child, born at home in a close and loving people. First son Michael has opened for us a huge world, which called «natural parenting» and by William and Martha Sears, – «attachment parenting».

In Soviet Union the information about natural parenting was closed, like secret knowledge. Today, information about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, using sling, natural medicine, natural health, alternative education and a healthy lifestyle is more than enough, but to put the pieces together requires an incredible amount of time and effort. At the same time to separate fact from opinion, scientific evidence of mythmaking is not as easy as it seems.

But that is what we get in the magazine. We value all points of view and all the experience and care to us.

We are grateful to everyone who has been nearly half supported the idea of a natural stile of life and made possible the birth of the magazine «Home child»!

Where to find us

The magazine is available in family centers (Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions in Russia), from internet-stores selling bio and baby goods, yoga centers, child development centers, health food departments of food-stores.

Subscription is available in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Israel and ohter countries.

English edition of Domashny Rebenok will come soon! 

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